The topics for the January Sampler Session were:

    • Technique Tip – Malleting
    • Top Sellers from Choristers Guild
    • Director Tip – Solving that Problem Measure
    • How to Reach Out to Other Ringers & Directors
    • What’s Honorary Life? Who are the Honorary Life members of A8?
    • Instant Success – Using Processionals to Hook New Ringers
    • Preview of the February 26th In-Depth Seminar, Mark Your Music

Our February seminar was Mark Your Music, led by Beth Ann Edwards.

Do you spend more time interpreting your markings than reading the music? Yes, you marked your score last week. It made sense at that time, and now it doesn’t. Or maybe you switched assignments and cannot interpret the markings in your new score. Or maybe you assume you will remember what the director is asking for and not mark your score at all. A well-marked score assists your music-making. This class walks you through setting up a concise, consistent score-marking system for handbell music. Learn about basic needs for score-marking, and customize them for you and your choir. This method will assist ringers in music interpretation, preparation, solid music-reading, and more.

The topics for the March Sampler Session were:

  • Using Acapella to create a virtual ensemble video
  • What’s the Area 8 Chime Loan Program?
  • Music from Agape/Hope Publishing introduced by Brenda Austin (pt 1)
  • Bell Trees for Beginners
  • Professor Bell and Clapper on thumb damping and ring touch
    Music from Agape/Hope Publishing introduced by Brenda Austin (pt 2)
  • Preview of April In-Depth Session: Solo & Ensemble Skills for These Times
  • What Happens at National Seminar? Observations from Seminar first timers

The April seminar offered looks at 4-in-hand, weaving, and working with selections for 6, 8, or 12 bells. Past-chair Beth Ann Edwards presented the 4-in-hand session, and Kristin Paul Diaz, a founding member of The Agape Ringers, will have you weaving in no time! finally, you’ll see examples of how to utilize those skills for your ensemble.

The topics for the May Sampler Session were:

  • Prof Bell & Clapper: Swings and Shakes
  • Former Area 8 Chair (and current Interim National Director) Ed Rollins talks about serving in leadership
  • Choraegus (Larry & Carla Sue) Music Review Part 1
  • Ron Mallory on Arranging Pop Tunes for Handbells
  • Choraegus (Larry & Carla Sue) Music Review Part 2
  • Area 8 2022 Festival Promo
  • Two selections from River City Ringers Spring 2021 Concert “Impressions in Color”

The June seminar featured Michèle Sharik, the Handbell Techniques Master Teacher for the HMA Certification Program, presenting Developing a Healthy Ringing Gesture. Ringers and directors will both profit from this review as we look toward ringing together in the fall.

Kath Wissinger introduces us to her music for teaching handbells to all ages. ringTrue offers split-level pieces, small ensemble selections, plus more!

The July Sampler Session covered:

  • Plucks and more with Prof Bell & Clapper
  • Music from Beckenhorst Publications
  • Area 8 Festival Teaser
  • Two selections from River City Ringers Spring 2021 Concert “Impressions in Color”

No August Session

The September brought our Area 8 Festival Preview session!  This included an overview of the schedule, a preview of the repertoire, and messages from our clinicians Alex Guebert and John Behnke.

October: Games night – Free