Books & Papers

The following materials are available to all Area 8 members and their choirs to be checked out. There is no rental, we just ask that you pay postage both ways and a small packaging charge. We hope that these materials will be another area of assistance for you and your Handbell Choir. Materials should be returned within two weeks unless other arrangements are made or instructions given. Click HERE for a printable list.
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Adaptive Notation for Handbells, Letha McGrew

Bass Bells, A collection of observations and ideas of various authors

Bell Lore, By, Ellen Jane Lorenz

Conducting Technique for Beginners and Professionals, Brock McElheran. Complete with diagrams, a must for all conductors to read/review (1989)

Copyright: The Complete Guide for Music Educators, Jay Althouse (1984)

Creative Use of Handbells in Worship, Hal Hopson. Comprehensive text for ideas on using handbells to enhance the worship experience.

Dalcroze Applications for Handbells, Marilyn Kieliarz. Rhythmic skill and exercise text.

Developing Conducting Skills, Michael Keller.

The Director as Teacher: Working with the Beginning Handbell Choir, Venita Gorman.

Directors Manual, Janet Van Valey and Susan Berry. Designed to introduce new directors to handbells and help prepare them for their first rehearsals. Diagrams and instruction support the material.

The First Quarter Century, Elizabeth Bradford. A history of the AGEHR (1979)

Focus on Participation; Alternative Methods for Special Groups, Joe Pinson, AGEHR

Fundraising for Fun and Profit, Marlene Anderson.

A Guide to Handbell Assignments, Resource book. AGEHR

Handbell Assignment Book; The eight-ten system, Bob Ivey (1993)

Handbells in Education, A Guide to Learning,  Committee for Handbells in Formal Education. Daniel Moore, Chair. (1990)

Handbells Making History; A Bell Tree, Margaret O’Sullivan Hillman. History of Handbells.

Handchimes in General Music, A curriculum guide grades 1-3, Van Valey and Avery. A must for introducing chimes to schools.

Handchimes in General Music: A curriculum guide grades 4-6, Van Valey and Avery. A must for introducing chimes to schools.

Mastering Musicianship in Handbells, Don Allured. Comprehensive text with illustrations for getting started or learning new techniques on handbells. (1992)

The Modern Conductor, Elizabeth Green. A college text in conducting. (1981)

Musical Elements: A classroom method for Handchimes, Kenneth Liske. Basics, Music with objectives.

168 Non-Musical Ways to Improve Your Band or Choral Program, Jay Althouse. Applicable to bell choirs as well! (1986)

A Practical Handbook for Handbell Directors, Valerie Stephenson. Basics for beginning a choir through techniques.

Overtones 1955-1986, Joan Shull, editor. Compilation of historical and instructional articles.

Quick Foundations – Busy Ringer Series Book

Rehearsal Planning, Techniques and Procedures, Michael Keller

Schulmerich Learning Package: A Complete Curriculum for Music Education and Performance, By Dr. James Fisher and Schulmerich

Score Study Techniques, Michael Keller

Songs for the Solo Ringer, Christine D. Anderson

Solo Ringing Musically, Michael Kastner and Kevin McChesney. A new guide for the solo ringer.

Teaching Young Ringers Carolynne Mathis, A comprehensive guide for working with the young musician.

We Can All Ring, Aaron Champagne

An Ear Training Course for Handbell Directors & Ringers – Book