What is a Festival?

The main event is massed ringing, where all join in rehearsing and performing several selections for the final concert on Saturday. There are two divisions: Blue (easier: levels 1-2) and Gold (more difficult: level 3 & up.)

In addition to massed ringing, there are classes for everyone and music reading sessions for those who can’t get enough ringing.

For those who are up for a challenge, the BronzeFest offers an intense rehearsal schedule to prepare up to six higher-level selections in lieu of attending classes. Those selections are presented in a concert on Saturday afternoon.

There are also four special topic sessions on the first day – one directors seminar, and three class opportunities for ringers.

And of course, there are concerts!

Why Should You Attend?

  • Enjoy the camaraderie that your ensemble experiences in learning, rehearsing, and performing the music.
  • Expand our community and your connections.
  • Make music and be with people who share your passion.

Who Should Attend?

If any of these apply to you:

  • you’re sad when handbell rehearsal is over every week
  • you’re wishing you could improve your ringing skills
  • you’re the person in your group who wants to play in a small ensemble
  • you’re perhaps known as a bell hog or diva
  • you’re watching handbell videos instead of cleaning/studying/whatever else you’re supposed to be doing
  • you’re wishing you had a new bell T-shirt from an event in Columbia
  • you’re wondering how heavy those BIG bells really are
  • you’re looking for handbell musicians to be your Facebook friends
  • you’re wanting to hear how 150 handbell musicians sound when they play together

Then you should attend!

You can come as an individual ringer and we’ll find a home for you on the massed ringing floor, or you can bring any number of your handbell musician friends.

Classes run the gamut from beginning weaving to advanced treble bells, and more experienced ringers can forego classes and challenge themselves with BronzeFest.