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Massed – Blue and Gold Divisions
Directed by Alex Guebert and John Behnke

Jubilant Spirit
Les Cloches
Reflections on Kelvingrove
Over the Rainbow

Lauran Delancy
John Behnke
Alex Guebert
arr. Jason Krug
arr. Chris Peck
AGEHR AG35376, Level 3
AGEHR AG36025, Level 3+
(Available after Jan. 1), Level 2
Red River MRRBL5079, Level 2+
Hope MHP2686P, Level 3

Blue Division 
Directed by Alex Guebert and John Behnke

A Merry Heart
Behold, A Host Arrayed in White
Clarion Call

Cynthia Dobrinski
arr. John Behnke
Matthew Compton
Michael Joy
CGB471, Level 1+
Concordia 97-7634, Level 2+
AGEHR AG35371, Level 2+
Choristers Guild CGB864, Level 2+

Gold Division 
Directed by Alex Guebert and John Behnke

All Creatures of Our God and King
Fantasy on Restoration
Good Christian Men Rejoice
Africa by Toto

arr. John Behnke
Brian Childers
Kimberly Strepka
arr. Alex Guebert
AGEHR AG36041, Level 3
GIA MGIG8492, Level 3+
From the Top 20327HB, Level 4
(Available after January 1), Level 3+

Directed by Lauran Delancy

Campanae Celebrare
Be Still My Soul
Angels We Have Heard on High
Spy Ring
Finale from Symphony No. 2 in D minor for Organ

Cathy Moklebust
William Payn
Alex Guebert
Kyler Brengle
arr. Tammy Waldrop
arr. Fred Gramann

Hope 2626, Level 4
Hope 1277, Level 4
Jeffers JHS9570, Level 5
AGEHR AG36056, Level 4
Red River RRBL5088, Level 3+
AGEHR AG46016J, Level 5

Directed by Nick Hanson

YouthFest Repertoire (5 pieces)
From 10 Essential Classics vol. 1 Hope Publishing HP2831:
Bwana Awabariki by Susan Nelson
Celtic Grace by Susan Geschke
Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho arranged by Martha Lynn Thompson
Inception by Jason Krug, Lorenz Publishing LC202020L
A soon-to-be-announced arrangement by Nick Hanson